Hi, I’m Larissa a long course triathlete, writer, coffee snob, animal welfare enthusiast and perpetual challenge seeker.

I was also a yoga teacher, nutritionist, and health coach for many years.

I completed my first Ironman event in 2019, aged 51, after having been absent from competitive sport for two decades while I indulged my love affair with yoga. As my 50th birthday approached, I was in dire need of a goal that could crush some lingering barriers in the way of my own inner contentment which I’d not been able to resolve with ‘kind’ practices such as meditation, yoga and the cloak of positivity. Physical movement has always been a great remedy for my mental and emotional ails, so taking on Ironman was the perfect test.

During the 12 months of training leading up to this event I noticed how much confusion and half-truths existed amongst fellow athletes regarding diet and nutrition, especially on social media. As someone who has managed allergies, irritable bowel and chronic back issues on a daily basis for most of my life, I decided to create this blog so that I could share my knowledge and experiences with others; and give clear information on optimal nutrition choices as well as yoga-based stretch and strength practices for endurance athletes.

Since I started this blog, I have completed one marathon, six Half Ironman events and a second full Ironman. In 2021 Ironman #3 is calling my name.